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Treuhand und Finanzen

Tax, Accounting & Financial Services

Focus your energies on your core business

Would you like to create more time for your customers and devote more of your energy to management and leadership? We can free up the time you need by taking on the burden of your administrative tasks. As well as handling your bookkeeping and accounting requirements, we can help you exploit potential savings, advise you on staff insurance and social security issues, and provide you with efficient and reliable support with all your financial and tax affairs.

We're confident we can meet your financial and accounting needs. Our interim and annual financial statements provide full transparency, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your business and drawing on industry benchmarks to give you clear and meaningful comparisons and help you develop effective strategies. We use this information to help you decide how to optimise your business and work side-by-side with you to put your chosen steps into practice.


It's reassuring to know that your financial and accounting affairs are in good order

  • Financial accounting including advice on financial statements
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll accounting
  • Salary and HR administration
  • Social security liabilities
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Budgeting
  • Financial planning
  • Internal cost accounting
  • Calculation of performance indicators and statistics
  • Financial controlling
  • Setting up and re-organising accounting systems


Bringing clarity to your tax and legal affairs

  • Advice on all aspects of Swiss tax law
  • Tax planning
  • Dealing with the tax authorities on your behalf
  • Advice on VAT legislation
  • Advice on inheritance and gift tax issues
  • Advice on real estate capital gains tax issues
  • Advice on relocating to Switzerland and moving abroad
  • Preparation of tax returns and checking of tax assessments
  • Advice on matters relating to company law
  • Contract law
  • Advice on issues relating to family and inheritance law

  Financial Advice

Pragmatic management consulting services – making your capital work harder

  • Cash management and liquidity planning
  • Capital raising measures
  • Financing strategies and support for negotiations with banks
  • Business finance consulting
  • Periodic evaluation of key financial performance indicators
  • Advice on corporate succession issues
  • Financial scrutiny of business plans
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Temporary on-site staffing services in the fields of accounting and administration
  • Company valuations/due diligence


Good auditing promotes clarity and creates added value

  • Auditing of financial statements in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and the company's statutes
  • Support and assistance for companies which are implementing Swiss GAAP FER for the first time
  • Clear answers to questions on how to interpret the standard
  • Auditing of annual accounts (individual and consolidated financial statements) in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER
  • Special audits for company formation and incorporations, capital increases and reductions, acquisitions, planned acquisitions, full payment of share capital through offsetting, benefits of company formation, conditional capital increases, and liquidations
  • Expert reports on business and economic issues

  Employment Law

Monitoring employment and social security law to ensure up-to-date working conditions

  • Advice and support in all areas of employment law
  • Application on your behalf for all types of work permits and residence permits
  • Drafting, modifying and revision of contracts of employment, working time regulations, terms of employment, directives and instructions, termination agreements, etc.
  • Drafting of expert reports on all aspects of employment law, pinpointing of solutions and available courses of action
  • Assistance and support for transfers of undertakings, downsizing, redundancy negotiations
  • Provision of trained mediators to help resolve conflicts between employees and between employees and supervisors (e.g. due to workplace bullying/harassment, seemingly unreconcilable differences of opinion, etc.)
  • Clarification of issues relating to social security law
  • Drafting of rules and regulations on expenses
  • Implementation of employee equity participation plans

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